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The profit of the company throughout much of The United States seems to be the same. However, a few states such as New York and California break the trend by earning a significant amount more than any other state. We can also assume that Texas shows the lowest amount of progress by looking at the the sum of profit of that state.

The highest growing state is California. California shows a steady increase in profit from month to month over several years. This growth in profit clearly explains why California is far outperforming much of the country in profit sum. Since California and New york have large business industries, it makes sense that these states would have a larger profit.

The strongest category contributing to the profit in California is that of office supplies. Office supplies sold the most by approximately $10,000 dollars. This data could be explained by the growing amount of business in California. Where as technology is still a strong category, our furniture resources may be better used in growing the technology and office supplies branches of the business.

Although our office supplies category is steadily growing each year, the forecasted profit shows as being on the rise again for the month of November 2015. The forcast shows a steady increase during the past as well as into the projected future. However, this graph shows that the growth of profit is mostly contributed to the months at the end of the year. More of the company's office supply products are selling during the winter.

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